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Malerwinkel Bacharach

A fairytale House

in a fairytale Town


The House

This is our beautiful historic house from 1677.

It is one of a kind and was just waiting to be brought back to its former glory. 

So we had the idea that people like us who appreciate the old and unique can stay in this house and support its restoration, while enjoying beautiful interiors and amazing views.

Of course there is still a long way to go to bring this  beauty back to it's former glory. It is an exciting and inspiring journey and will start with the first holiday flat for up to 6 people in summer 2021.


Who we are

There are two Gingerbread men who took on this  project. I am Hans-Lothar the Rhineland loving German  in my arms extremely handy Jason, my Australian husband who fell immediately in love with Bacharach, when he came to visit me for the first time in my home country.

Lady Luck brought us together and again weaved her magic to present us this beautiful historic house.

We are both very excited about every little historic detail we discover and we discovered amazing things. If you would like to know and see more check out our blog or pics and stories on instagram: gingerbreadguesthouse

Tel: +49-(0)163 370 69 49 |  



Status Quo

What we found

The Project

What we do

The Vision

What we intend 

The romantic Middle Rhine

Discover the oldest tourist destination in the world

The discovery of the Rhine valley as a tourist destination is very interesting story. In the early beginnings English writers, poets and painters flocked to glimpse the true middle ages. Later followed by the German and French romantic movement inspired by abundant wine, vineyards, fairy tales, castles and history of this ancient and fascinating cultural landscape. 


This is one of the oldest,

the prettiest and the most unknown

towns in the world.


Victor Hugo



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