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How the hack did we pick Bacharach?

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

When I turned 30 I asked a friend what would be a nice day destination for a little trip along the Rhine? Not too far from where I was living at that time and please let it be pretty. Her immediate response was BACHARACH. I never heard of this place before and gave it a go. What can I say I absolutely loved it. The cutest town along the mystic River Rhine, little winding streets, beautiful half timbered houses from the middle ages and the renaissance, to a large extend intact town walls with many towers, a castle on the hill and a romantic gothic chapel ruin all hugged by vineyards, it was perfect. What I didn't know at that time was that I will buy an ancient house that looks just like directly taken from Hänsel and Gretel, together with an Australian man who is as crazy as me loving old and beautiful things, that would turn out not only to be my partner in crime but also my partner for life.

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We went to Bacharach last year just for a day. It is a beautiful small town. Looking to come back 😊

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Yes please do and if you want more tips what to do and what to see, let me know. I have all the insider information now. :)

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